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A Cremation urn provides the vessel in which to memorialize a loved one. While a cremation urn serves to safeguard the cremated remains, it should also reflect the personality of the deceased individual. As you will learn, cremation urns are made from a variety of natural and man-made materials. They can be simple and quite inexpensive or intricate and as costly as a one-of-a kind sculpture. Before a cremation urn is selected, some thought should be given to the final placement of the urn. If the urn is to be kept at home, them something more decorative might make sense. If it is to be buried in a cemetery, then an urn crafted out of something durable would work nicely. The presence of the urn at the memorial service might also impact the selection as well.

We have selected a number of urns we carry at our facility to display on this site. We have tried to provide a choice in all price ranges and categories. In addition to the urns displayed here, we show over 100 urns in our selection room. In addition, we have catalogues displaying many other urns.

Please note that if an urn is not selected, a container suitable for accommodating the cremated remains (at least 200 cubic inches in volume) must be provided.

Metal Urns
Metal urns are machine crafted from both base and alloy metals such as steel, copper, sheet bronze, pewter and brass. These urns are finished using a variety of techniques such as plating, polishing, brushing and lacquering. Metal urns are durable and thus appropriate for burial and home placement.
Cultured Urns
Cultured urns are manufactured from a variety of synthetic materials. Cultured urns are intended to resemble urns made of other natural products such as marble, granite, ceramic, wood and bronze. Because cultured urns are manufactured using man-made materials, they are easily crafted into a variety of traditional and nontraditional shapes and colors. They are also extremely durable.
Quarried Urns
Quarried urns are crafted from natural stone materials such as granite, marble, quartz, onyx, slate, alabaster and fossil stone. These materials are mined throughout the world and no two urns are exactly the same. The rarity of the stone, part of the world in which it is found and the intricacy of the shape all play a role in determining the cost of quarried urns. Because of its permanence quarried urns are used for both burial and home placement.
Cast Bronze Urns
Bronze urns in this category are manufactured using either lost wax, sand or standard casting techniques. Bronze, being an alloy of copper and either zinc or tin, is durable and is used for many sculptured urns. Being the material of choice for many artists creating memorial urns, cast bronze urns are often purchased for home or cemetery display.
Wood Urns
Wood urns are crafted from nearly every conceivable domestic and exotic wood species. More common wood urns are made from cherry, maple, pine, oak, walnut and poplar. More exotic, non-endangered woods used include mahogany, paduk, yellowheart and zebrawood. Wood urns are generally stained and may be adorned with inlays, appliques and laser etchings. Wood urns are most often purchased for home or cemetery columbarium placement.
Ceramic and Glass Urns
Ceramic and glass urns are made by artisans employing a variety of shaping, glazing, firing, coloring and blowing techniques. Ceramic vessels have been used for cremation urns as far back as the beginning of recorded history. Urns in this category may be traditional or organic shaped. These urns are sometimes adorned with fired-in appliques or metallic trims. Because of their delicate nature and beauty, ceramic and glass urns are generally used for display either in the home or in a cemetery columbarium.
Earth Friendly and Biodegradable Urns
Our 'green' urn collection is manufactured with the environment in mind. These urns are fabricated using recycled and natural materials that are meant to break down when buried or placed in water. For those families interested in a back-to-nature alternative, our environmentally-friendly urns provide dignity and affordability with a focus on our precious natural resources.

Specialty Urns
Our specialty urn collection is divided into five categories; veteran and patriotic urns, gay and lesbian urns, urns for infants and children, double urns and custom urns. Urns within each of our specialty categories are made from a variety of materials such as metal, ceramic, and cultured products.
Keepsake Urns and Pendants
Family members or special friends often want to memorialize their loved ones by retaining a small portion of the cremated remains. A variety of small keepsake urns and pendants are available for this purpose. Keepsake urns are manufactured from the same materials as regular urns and are often available as a matching set to the permanent urns selected. Keepsake pendants are crafted by jewelers as tokens to be worn. They are generally made out of gold, silver, brass or pewter.


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