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Immediate Services Needed

Besides the pages in this "Helpful Info" section of our mobile website, our full size website will guide you through making complete arrangements online, including necessary paperwork and payment. You can also find information on such topics as obtaining death certificates, financing options, writing an obituary, links to all major New England newspapers, proper etiquette for sending acknowledgements and more.

As always, if you have specific questions which are not answered in this section, please contact us at 1-800-493-8001 or locally at 603-622-1800.

What to do when someone dies

There are few things in life more traumatic than the death of a family member. This section will explain what to do when a death occurs.

  1. State Laws Regarding A Death
    New Hampshire Statute RSA 290:2-a states that the deceased cannot be removed from the place of death without a pronouncement of death signed by a physician or registered nurse. A registered nurse can only release the deceased to the Cremation Society if the death was anticipated. In all other cases, only a medical doctor can release the deceased to the Cremation Society. In addition, RSA 611:4 states that deaths occurring under certain circumstances must be referred to the State Medical Examiner who will become responsible for legally releasing the deceased to the Cremation Society.


  2. General Guidelines
    Regardless of when and where a death occurs, the family should call us as soon as possible. There is no need to contact a local funeral home. At that time we will ask some specific questions, such as the name and location of the family member who passed away, the name of the attending physician and the name of the next of kin. If you are undecided about the type of service, you need not make any immediate decisions. We will allow you adequate time to make them and provide you with prices of various options ahead of time to assist you. Finally, we will set up a convenient appointment time to make the actual arrangements, either in person or over the telephone. Alternatively, you can make all the arrangements online at the time of death.


  3. Death in A Health Care Facility
    When a death occurs in a hospital or nursing home, there is little the family needs to do other than to call us. The medical staff at the health care facility will take the necessary steps to ensure that all legal requirements are met. Although some health care facilities will call the Cremation Society on behalf of the family, this is the exception rather than the rule. To be safe, it is best that the family calls us directly.


  4. Anticipated Death Outside A Health Care Facility
    Many people with terminal illnesses are now choosing to die at home in more familiar and peaceful surroundings with family and friends close by. If an anticipated death occurs outside a health care facility, the first step would be to call the hospice organization or physician under whose care the individual was receiving medical treatment. The hospice nurse or physician would then release the deceased to the Cremation Society.


  5. Unanticipated Death Outside A Health Care Facility
    If a sudden or unanticipated death occurs outside of a health care facility, the family must call 911 to dispatch local police to the location. The police will then determine the appropriate steps to take depending upon the particular situation. In the case of a non-suspicious death of an apparently healthy individual, the police would call the State Medical Examiner's office and await instructions. The Medical Examiner, depending upon the circumstances, may require that an autopsy be performed. If the death was suspicious in nature, then the Medical Examiner would in all likelihood order an autopsy.


  6. Out-Of-State Death
    If the death takes place outside of New Hampshire, there is no need to contact a local funeral director in that state where the death occurs. Doing so invariably results in additional expenses for the family. We can make all the necessary arrangements through agents we work with throughout the country. All you need to do is to call us toll free at 1-800-493-8001. Nationwide Travel Protection that will guarantee the price of your final arrangements no matter where the death occurs.


  7. Advance Arrangements
    If the death of a family member is anticipated, it is wise to begin thinking about the final arrangements in advance. We frequently speak with the family prior to the death to begin the process of gathering the needed information and discussing the services. In this way, the family is not overwhelmed with making numerous important decisions at the time of death. To begin the arrangement process, just give us a call. Alternatively, you can start the process by filling out our online form.


Benefits for Veterans


The Cremation Society of New Hampshire is proud to offer an array of cremation packages and services to those who proudly served our country. The American Veterans Cremation Program was developed to assist veterans and their families with the bureaucracy and numerous forms associated with obtaining monetary, service and recognition benefits provided by the government. Research has shown that most veterans do not receive all of the benefits to which they are entitled. Generally, all that we need to begin the process is a copy of the veteran's discharge paper called a "Report of Separation from the Armed Forces of the United States" otherwise known as "DD Form 214." If this form or its equivalent is not available, we can guide you in obtaining documentation showing proof of military service. Our counselors are especially trained to handle every detail in making crematory arrangements for veterans, including applying for monetary benefits from the Veterans Administration, coordinating with state and federal VA cemeteries, arranging and scheduling military honors, obtaining a flag and ordering the veterans cemetery marker. The special packages offered as part of our American Veterans Cremation program are only available to veterans and their families.

Veterans' Benefits
(Paid upon death should you be eligible.)

Benefits for veterans who die at a VA hospital or other VA facility:

  1. A set burial or cremation allowance.

  2. A set plot allowance if plot is not located in a state or national cemetery.

  3. Transportation to funeral home if death occurred at or en route to/from VA hospital or VA nursing home (our charges reimbursed)

  4. Transportation to place of interment or services (our charges reimbursed)

Benefits for veterans who die outside a VA Facility:

Scenario #1: VA service connected disability pension
  1. A set burial or cremation allowance.

  2. A set plot allowance if plot is not located in a state or national cemetery.

  3. If veteran is service connected, transportation will be paid only if buried in a National Cemetery

Scenario #2: VA support pension
  1. A set burial/cremation allowance

  2. A set plot allowance if plot is not located in a state or national cemetery.

  3. No transport money is allowed, ever.

Scenario #3: 100% service connected Veteran
  1. Must have died from service connected illness or injury. If so, a portion of the funeral or cremation costs will be reimbursed to the family. The amount of reimbursement varies and is set by the Veterans Administration.
*All Vets and their spouses, with honorable discharge & with one day of active duty are entitled to free cemetery property, headstone for a ground burial or bronze marker for niche inurnment, opening and closing and perpetual care at any National Cemetery. At the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery, the family is responsible for the cost of casket vault and a non-veterans spouse fee of $350.

Military Honors

Many people do not know that military honors services are available to all veterans regardless of rank or location of burial. The military does not accept payment for these services under any circumstance. Our staff will do their best to set as many honors as they can. We consider the ordering of military honors a priority. 

Military Honors Availability
Military honors are performed if honors team is available. Because of cutbacks and limited staff we sometimes use an honors team from a group such as a local VFW or DAV. Rules about military honors often change. 

Burial Flag
Eligible deceased veteran's families will receive a flag. Veteran must have been honorably discharged. Flag is folded and presented to next-of-kin or close friend of veteran. Cremation Society will obtain flag. 

Gun Salute
Three soldiers fire three volleys of ammunition. Eligible veterans may receive gun salute conducted by active U.S. Military personnel. Other veterans may receive gun salute conducted by members of a local VFW or American Legion in exchange for a donation to the organization. Sometimes available, never guaranteed.

Bugler to play "taps"
Lone soldier plays "taps." This is an extremely solemn occasion.


Burial in a State or National Cemetery
All honorably discharged veterans are entitled to free grave space for the veteran, spouse and dependent children. 

Conditions to be met: 

All associated cemetery services and merchandise are also free. 

Headstone or Marker 
In a State or National Cemetery a veteran, spouse and/or dependent children receive space on a free headstone or marker. If burial is in a private cemetery, government will provide a simple headstone or marker for the veteran only. A medallion may be ordered in place of a headstone or marker if the grave is in a private cemetery and is already marked. Only veterans whose death occurred on or after Nov. 1, 1990 are eligible for medallions. 

Memorial Monuments
These monuments are used for: 

Burial Flag 

Social Security Benefit


The Social Security Act provides for the payment of survivor's benefits to certain relatives if they fall into one of the following categories:



In addition to the monthly benefits, a special one-time payment of $255 can be paid to a spouse who was living with the deceased at the time of death, or if there is none, to a spouse or a child/children who is eligible for benefits.

Within 30 days from the date of death, you should receive a letter from Social Security. This letter will provide further instructions concerning applying for entitled benefits. You can apply for benefits by phone or at any Social Security office.

If the deceased was receiving Social Security benefits, any checks which arrive after the death must be returned. If benefit checks were being directly deposited, then the bank would also need to be notified.

For questions concerning eligibility, claims and entitled benefits, please contact Social Security directly at:

Social Security Administration
275 Chestnut Street
Manchester, NH 03101
(800) 772-1213

New Hampshire Social Security Web site

Memorial services checklist for family directed ceremony

In an effort to guide our client families, we have developed this checklist for those coordinating and directing their own memorial services or ceremony. While this list does not cover every situation, it should provide general guidance to ensure that the important items have been addressed prior to the memorial service taking place. If you have specific situations which are not covered in this list, please contact our office and speak with one of our family service counselors. We are always available to either answer your questions or assist in coordinating the service.

If you'd prefer a printer-friendly version of this information CLICK HERE for further instructions and the download link.

1. For The Church Service

2. For The Cemetery Committal Service

Preparing to Write an obituary

Research has found that preparing to write an obituary can often prove to be therapeutic, not only for the individual, but for the family as well. By drafting the obituary in advance, the family can often begin to come to terms with the pending death and help begin to process the emotions that will ensue.

It can also be a sense of pride for the individual and their family to look back on the accomplishments of a life. Too often, obituaries are drafted by family members hastily in an effort to finalize all the arrangements. Although they have good intentions, the obituaries read as generic recaps of life, blending in with all the others appearing in the newspaper. Many times, the family leaves this task to the funeral director, who may never have known the individual and only had sketchy biographical information to go on.

Everyone's life story, no matter how seemingly simple, is worth telling. We find that families who initially think there is not much to say are surprised to see how much there is to tell about their loved one if given time to think about it. An obituary need not be overly long or verbose to be meaningful.

We encourage families to submit their own obituaries. If you do not wish to do so, we will submit obituaries to daily newspapers in New Hampshire. The family is responsible for placement and submission of out-of-state obituaries and notices. Nearly every daily newspaper in New Hampshire charges for placement of obituaries and paid death notices.

For those who wish to write their own obituaries and paid death notices, click on the following link: Guide to writing an obituary

The following are e-mail addresses for obituary departments of all daily New Hampshire newspapers along with the telephone number. We have also included e-mail addresses of several weekly papers and out of state newspapers as well. Once you submit an obituary, it is important to contact the newspaper to confirm receipt and make arrangements for payment.





New Hampshire Daily Newspapers 

Claremont Eagle Times:

Concord Monitor:

Fosters Daily Democrat:

Keene Sentinel:

Laconia Citizen:

Nashua Telegraph:

Portsmouth Herald:

Union Leader:

Valley News:


 New Hampshire Weekly Newspapers 

Bedford Bulletin:

Bedford Journal:

Berlin Daily Sun:

Berlin Reporter:

Carriage Town News:
obituary link

Carroll County Independent:

Connecticut Valley Spectator:

Coos County Democrat:

Derry News:

Exeter Newsletter:

Granite State News:

Hampton Union:

Hillsboro Messenger:

Hollis/Brookline Journal:

Hooksett Banner:

Hudson/Litchfield News:

Intertown Record:

Laconia Daily Sun:

Littleton Courier:

Meredith News:

Milford Cabinet:

Monadnock Ledger:

Pelham/Windham News:

Peterborough Transcript:

Record Enterprise:

Rochester Times:

Salem Observer:

Suncook Valley Sun:

Conway Daily Sun:

Gilford Steamer:

Goffstown News:

Plymouth Record:

Salem Community Patriot:

Winnisquam Echo:


 Monthly Papers 

Amherst Citizen:

Hollis Times:


 Selected Out-of-State Daily Newspapers 

Boston Globe (MA):
create your notice

Caledonian Record (VT):

Lawrence Eagle Tribute (MA):
submit obituary here

Lowell Sun (MA):

New York Times:

Portland (ME) Press Herald:


If you would like us to submit an obituary, you may email it to us at info@csnh.com. Please specify which New Hampshire newspapers you would like us to submit the obituary to. Keep in mind that the editors of each paper have the final say as to when an obituary will run and how it will be worded. Charges for obituaries submitted will appear on your final statement of goods and services selected.

About the Cremation Society

Thank you for inquiring about the Cremation Society of New Hampshire, New England's largest family-owned cremation services provider. In this section, you will learn about the Cremation Society and what makes us so different from local NH funeral homes. You can also read about our professional and compassionate staff, view pictures, get directions to our three beautiful facilities and subscribe to our newsletter. You can also allow us to explain our ten-step Peace-of-Mind Cremation Process, which guarantees the integrity of the cremation throughout every stage.

If you have any additional questions that are not answered on our website or you would like more information, please call us at 800-493-8001 or send us an email at info@csnh.com


What Makes Us Different From Your Local Funeral Home


  1. Simple cremations are all we offer.

    While most traditional funeral homes treat cremation as a side line, simple cremation is the only service we offer. We do not sell caskets, provide embalming or own limousines, so we don't have the overhead costs associated with operating a full service funeral home. As a result, our simple cremation charge is usually 20% to 80% less than your local funeral home. We provide our services throughout our service area for one low price. So, it doesn't matter where you live in New Hampshire, Southern Maine, Northern Massachusetts, or Eastern Vermont, we can carry out your cremation wishes simply, with dignity and very affordably.
  2. We own and operate our own crematory.

    You may be surprised to learn that most funeral establishments do not operate the facilities in which the cremation services are provided. The actual cremations are often subcontracted out to a third party provider in another town or state. The funeral establishment has little or no control over the crematory's operating procedures and who performs the cremations. By contrast, we own two crematories, which are managed by our fully licensed and highly trained personnel. Our cremation equipment is state-of-the-art and meets or exceeds every state and local operating requirement and standard.
  3. We have the strictest set of operating policies and procedures.

    We have developed the most rigorous set of operating policies and procedures in order to maximize our level of service and minimize the potential for human error. Positive identification of the deceased is assured throughout each stage of the cremation process using a unique stainless steel ID tag system. We require licensed funeral professionals to oversee the operation of our cremation equipment at all times. None of these safeguards are required by law and no other cremation facility in the state currently comes close to our rigid operating procedures. However, with the responsibility you have entrusted us with, why should you expect anything less?
  4. We provide options not available from anyone else.

    From our urn selection room displaying over 100 urns and keepsakes, to our beautifully appointed chapel for conducting memorial services, no one has provided as much for the varying needs of the cremation customer as we have. We've designed special facilities for private viewing before cremation takes place and can easily accommodate the wishes of the family to be in attendance at the beginning of the cremation process. For our members who enjoy travel, we offer Nationwide Travel Protection to guarantee our price of the cremation service selected, even if the death were to occur out of our service area. For those who seek a "natural" setting for their final resting place, we will scatter the cremated remains off the coast of New Hampshire near the Isles of Shoals or a variety of other locations upon request.

Our Low Price Guarantee

Our Low Price GuaranteeWe are so committed to offering simple, affordable and dignified cremation that we have created a low price guarantee. If you find any provider in our service area that has a Direct Cremation price lower than us, we will provide the same service for less.

Our direct cremation price includes transfer of your loved from the place of death anywhere in our service area into our care, sheltering and refrigeration, cremation container, cremation process, medical examiner fee, filing the death certificate and notifying Social Security. Competitor price must include all of the items listed and be in writing either on a General Price List on a current contract.

Our Guaranteed Low Pricing

You can begin making arrangements now on our full-size website.

Become a Member of the Cremation Society

We all have a natural tendency to put off thinking about death and a reluctance to plan for its certain eventuality. We forget that in doing this, we impose those we love the most the burden of making arrangements for us, and at a time when their bereavement is most acute. Too often, we have not even broached the subject with our loved ones, who are at a loss to know "what we would have wanted" when they must face the difficult choice of making arrangements. The families of our members have a much easier time. 

Through simple membership, your instructions are kept on file along with biographical information required for filing a death certificate and carrying out your wishes. At the time of your death, your membership documents authorize us to perform our services as you have instructed. You may change any instructions you wish during your lifetime just by contacting us. 

Once we receive your membership registration form and fee, we will provide you with a personalized membership card. In an emergency, it has our 24-hour Member Services phone number to be called. A single call puts our services in action at the time of need. The $30 member registration fee defrays the cost of setting up and maintaining your records. It is not refundable or an offset against the services you select. 


Become a member today! 

Please visit our full site to complete your application.


Prices and Packages

People are looking for quality, value and convenience in anything they purchase, even a cremation. That is why we offer cremation package pricing which provides ease of selection, value and convenience.

You will see that our prices are quite a bit lower than you would expect and include more than you would receive from nearly any other provider.

Our cremation packages can be customized to meet the varying needs of the families we serve.

Direct Cremation Package

Our simplest offering and is designed for those who "just want to be cremated" without any service or ceremony. This basic package includes everything legally required for a direct cremation. This package does not include an urn.

All of our cremation package plans include:
  • Basic services of licensed professional and staff
  • Transfer of remains anywhere in our service area
  • Medical examiner fee
  • Use of refrigeration
  • Necessary authorizations
  • Cremation container and crematory fee
Get Started, Become a Member Online Now

Make Arrangements Now, After a Death Has Occurred

$1,295 Member
$1,595 Non-Member

Veterans Tribute Package

Provides a dignified tribute to those that proudly served our country and is offered at a discounted rate as our way of saying thank you on behalf of a grateful nation.

In addition to all of the services provided in our direct cremation package, the veteran package includes:

  • Solid bronze veterans urn with branch of service insignia
  • Coordinating and directing a committal service in a veterans or other local cemetery
  • Scheduling military honors, including flag folding detail and taps, conducted by military personnel (if desired)
  • United States flag and weatherproof flag case
  • Submission of local obituary notices (if desired)

Get Started, Become a Member Online Now

Make Arrangements Now, After a Death Has Occurred

$1,895 Member
$2,195 Non-Member

Cemetery Gathering Package

A graveside gathering and service, with or without clergy present, is a simple yet meaningful way to honor the memory of a life well lived. Let our caring and professional staff make all the necessary cemetery arrangements so you or your family won't have to.

This package includes all of the items included in our direct cremation package along with the following:

  • Personalized solid bronze burial urn
  • Coordinating and directing a graveside committal service at a cemetery within our service area
  • Floral arrangement for the cemetery service
  • Submission of local obituary notices (if desired)

Get Started, Become a Member Online Now

Make Arrangements Now, After a Death Has Occurred

$2,095 Member
$2,395 Non-Member

Life Celebration Package

A memorial service or gathering following the cremation is one of the most popular ways to commemorate the life of those who have passed.

This value added package includes everything in our direct cremation package along with:

  • Personalized solid bronze urn
  • Memorial gathering for up to one hour prior to service
  • Staff for coordinating and directing the memorial gathering and service
  • Use of one of our chapels, church or other location within our service area for the gathering and service
  • Memorial record package including register book, memorial cards and thank your cards
  • Floral arrangement for the service
  • Submission of local obituary notices (if desired)

Get Started, Become a Member Online Now

Make Arrangements Now, After a Death Has Occurred

$2,395 Member
$2,695 Non-Member

Note: Packages do not include cash advance items such as newspaper charges to publish obituary notices, State fee to issue death certificates, cemetery costs, and clergy honorariums.

For more details, additional service options and pricing please view our General Price List.


Cremation urns provide the vessel in which to memorialize a loved one. While a cremation urn serves to safeguard the cremated remains, it should also reflect the personality of the deceased individual.

 View Urn Selections


General Price List

These prices are effective as of June 1, 2014, but are subject to change without notice.

The goods and services shown below are those we can provide to our customers. You may choose only the items you desire. However, any cremation arrangements you select will include a charge for our basic services and overhead. If legal or other requirements mean you must buy an item you did not specifically ask for, we will explain the reason in writing on the statement we provide describing the goods and services you selected.

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